We tell stories.

Make games the players want

Make games the industry needs

Make games out of passion

And make money if the above succeeds.

This is our mission, and it guides everything we do.


“Raconteur” is a French term for “storyteller.” Headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun country, Raconteur Games is an independent game development studio founded upon a vision of storytelling.

Meet our team.

Raconteur Games is led by its chief storyteller, Nicholas,

and brought to life by many talented contractors from across the world.



jessnewJess, our artist on Project Rose, is a 3D modeler from London.

He holds a degree in Games Technology and specializes in creating realistic worlds.

When not rebuilding lighting, Jess likes playing Dark Souls.




Matt, our lead programmer on Project Rose, is a software developer from Lafayette, Louisiana.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, and has been programming since he was 12.

Matt loves cats (a LOT!), Hearthstone, and anything with “Simulator” in the title.



Karinya, our producer on Project Rose, is from Boonton, New Jersey.

She holds an Associate’s degree in Game Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies: Japanese Language.

When not making spreadsheets, she enjoys hiking with her dog Chase, watching Rick and Morty, and reading graphic novels.



Ari, our composer, is a musician from Wilmette, Illinois.

He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music composition from the Jacobs School of Music, and loves bringing worlds to life through sound.

Ari’s favorite game is Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.




Nicholas, our CEO, is an entrepreneur from Lafayette, Louisiana.

He has a business degree, as well as company record for most pretzels consumed (over 200,000 since the company was founded!).

His current favorite game is Sea of Thieves, and he loves games with strong narrative components. He excitedly tweets things on a regular basis.