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In late April 2016, Louisiana State University hosted a game industry event where local Louisiana developers showcased their amazing work. Partnering with several state agencies, prominent game industry executives from all over the United States were flown in to experience the industry event itself, the state capital, Baton Rouge, and then the world-famous New Orleans Jazz Fest.

We never miss the opportunity for a great story, so through a long chain of events, our founder Nicholas ended up hosting several of those executives — Raconteur’s got a connection with the famous food of Jazz Fest, crawfish bread!

IMG_0839A delicious, savory food filled with cheeses and crawfish, wrapped up in bread and baked to perfection. It’s consistently voted the best food of the show as well as being cited as the reason many people attend.

What better way to welcome members of our industry to our wonderful state than a tour of the crawfish bread booth, free samples, and a photo with the crawfish bread man himself? Thanks to everyone involved who made this happen, especially the folks pictured. Josh Holmes (executive producer at 343 Industries, farthest left) and Dan Ayoub (studio head at 343 Industries, two to the right of Josh) not only enjoyed the crawfish bread, but were thrilled to meet the crawfish bread man himself, pictured between Josh and Dan!

You can see Nicholas to the far right, though what you can’t see is his joy of not being sunburned after a long day at the festival. He also ran into Aaron from Gearbox!