Evangeline was developed somewhat in a vacuum, which is contrary to our typical development style of being very open during production.

Due to the nature of the game’s narrative and our design goals with the experience, it was difficult to talk about the game in any capacity except its fullest — and of course we weren’t going to give it all away!

A primary mechanic of the game was color guiding the player through the world. The entire game world was monochrome/greyscale, and certain objects or actions would return color to the world to guide you towards your objective.

On a whim and for no particular reason at all, Nicholas decided to make a four-second .gif of this mechanic and posted it to reddit without thinking much of it.

As it turns out, that thoughtless action led to 1.6 MILLION (!!!) views and over 1000 comments across reddit and imgur. Evangeline hit the big time, and we knew we had something special.

The gif is below, and you can check out the original thread here.