At Raconteur, we sometimes compare game development to the construction of a skyscraper.

It unfortunately is not as simple as saying, “I want the tallest skyscraper New York City has ever seen!”

First, you must clear the ground and lay a foundation. Once that is done, you can pour cement and create an even stronger base. Finally, once the groundwork is laid, you can begin building up and turning that slab of cement into a building that others can inhabit.

2014 was the year we created the foundation for Close Order. We built the game’s core mechanics (movement, the currency system, minions, the formation editor, the shop window) and got them to a rough state.

Everyone at Raconteur at this point was working part-time amidst other jobs and obligations, including college. Progress was slow but steady, and the team trudged through many bugs, tons of feedback from testers, and several creative hurdles.

By the beginning of 2015, Raconteur had created a strong foundation for Close Order, and was poised to move forward. Our first story would truly begin.