After pitching to various investors in different parts of Louisiana, Raconteur acquires seed money to expedite the development of Close Order.

On January 14th, 2015, Raconteur Games, LLC is legally established in the state of Louisiana, and the first “official” days of business begin.

Raconteur adds more team members, strategically contracts out work in areas where the team needed additional muscle, and overall positions the company to be able to complete their first game in 2015.

The physical investment was quite a tale, though. Nicholas recounts the day as being “harried.”

He says, “I had to drive two hours to meet the investor. Twenty minutes into the drive, my tire pressure light comes on — and I have nowhere to stop for at least twenty more miles. I ended up stopping in Baton Rouge and filling up my tires, yet my light persisted. I drove the second leg of the journey watching the light the whole way. After receiving the physical check, I got to drive over 100 miles in heavy traffic with the constant worry that I was going to break down with a five-figure check in my car. It wasn’t exactly a peaceful drive, especially since it turns out I had a nail in my tire.”

Nicholas made it back to Lafayette safely with only five minutes to spare before his classes. He says that the best excuse for being late is that you’re getting investment for your startup business.