Good morning, and happy almost PAX!

Today we wanted to give our dev blog followers an exclusive early walk-through of our booth.

Except… we aren’t at PAX. We were rejected.

We don’t allow anyone to dictate our ability to be successful, though, so we made our own virtual booth that anyone can stop by!

Check it out.

If you drop by, you can get a cheesy pitch video, a free piece of swag, more info about the game (including our fancy new Steam page!), and can even sign up for our special mystery surprise swag to be sent after the show!

You also get to see myself and our brand manager, Kathryn, in wonderful 2D cutout-like form! My pink jacket is ahead of its time, clearly.

Thanks to our fantastic artist Abdullah for the incredible artwork.

If you like the booth, make sure to share that you’re at #NotPAX16!




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