Good morning, and happy Wednesday!

Today, we’re coming to you with our plan to get Traiteur into your hands on January 20th, 2017.

We need your help to do it, too!

Here’s the scoop

I just finished making an updated production timeline for our team and publisher, and I wanted to share some key dates with you.

They’ll correlate with the ability for us to post more in-game content on this blog, so you’ll know you can hold us accountable!

  • October 12th’s post will be your next look at the game itself! Starting then, we’ll have way more to show y’all overall!
  • November 16th’s blog post will be our biggest game showcase yet.
  • December 21st will be a Christmas present from us to you!
  • Throughout October, November, and December, we’ll be running lots of playtests. Lots! Want to help test Traiteur? Shoot us an email to with the subject line “Traiteur Playtester” and we’ll get you down to help!
  • At the beginning of January, we’ll launch a special thing on our website that will allow you to create your character before the game launches. Stay tuned!
  • Shortly after, during the week of January 10th, we will have our launch trailer
  • January 20th, you all get to jump into this wild, weird world of ours!

That’s our outline!

We need your help to make this possible, so make sure to email us about playtesting to join us on this wild journey.

That’s all for this week — see you next Wednesday, folks.




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