Welcome back, and happy (belated) Wednesday as always!

This week, we’re celebrating a milestone — 20 weeks of dev bloggery! We’ll be looking back at what’s been covered in previous weeks, as well as a sneak peek into what’s ahead.

Let’s go!


At the onset, we gave you an insight into the game itself. It’s an ASCII world mixed with adventure and top-down shooter elements, where emoticons are going to war — and you are the only one who can stop it!

Then, we went deeper into gameplay and the systems at play within the game. Colorful characters, embedded storylines, and more await you in the Emotian Kingdom! (As you’ll know from recent posts, we’re streamlining our vision a bit, but that post still applies!)

Along the way, we introduced you to some of our Raconteurs that are bringing this crazy world to life: Elise, our sound designer, and Sander, our lead programmer. After that, we gave you a glimpse into early gameplay and how the game looks in motion, and we followed up with a FAQ about the game.

Not too much later, we were rejected from PAX — so we built our own booth, then went behind the scenes into how it happened!

Finally, we laid out our plans to get the game into your hands.

It’s been quite a journey! We’ve built and grown our little community, taken feedback from you that has shaped the game (like how we’re going to add customization elements to the player character!), and documented our ups and downs.

This has been such a wonderful challenge, an exciting commitment, and so many other things. I’m thankful for every single one of you that has come back week after week to learn more about the game and to see what we have to say.

Join us next week as we give you another visual update on where the game currently is!



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