Good morning, and happy Wednesday!

Our post today relates to something I feel is very important in gaming: the little, minute details. Let’s embark upon a journey of tiny proportions!

The little things

This morning, I discovered a tweet relating to Dishonored 2 (which I’m super thrilled about playing!). Someone noticed that if you took a wine bottle away from a man who was being painted for a portrait, the final portrait (when finished) wouldn’t have the wine in it.

Not long after that, I saw a journalist showing a gif of how Hitman (2016) has hyper-realistic detail regarding condensation on a bathroom mirror.

These things may seem small and insignificant — and they absolutely are. But this is what separates a good game from a great one — these small marks of craftsmanship!

Reality is full of insignificant, smaller details. We don’t pay attention to them there, because reality as a whole is one giant context without context. In a game world, though, you’re walking around the vision of someone else. These small details give insight into what that person prioritized, what they see as important, how they conceive this fake reality.

So while you may never even notice the wine being missing from the portrait, or the mirror having condensation, these small marks of detail separate a game from a game world.

We have a few details like this in Traiteur, and I hope you’ll look for them. :)

Until next time, have a fantastic week!




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