Hi there!

This week, we have news that may seem bad, but it’s actually very, very good.

Traiteur will not launch in January as planned.

This happened because during Traiteur‘s production cycle, I lost a family member and that hit me quite hard. I had a long grieving process. In that mourning period, I wanted to create something that could help other people appreciate their loved ones while they still had them.

The result is a game called Evangeline, and it’s launching on January 20th, 2017 at (at the time of publication the site isn’t live yet, but save that link!).

The game was initially a low priority project that we wanted to keep incubated on the side, but much to our surprise, it rose to greater commercial, creative, and personal importance. It’s now in the final stretch, and we need all hands on deck to help finish up the game to the quality we envisioned.

By focusing exclusively on Evangeline, we will be able to come back to Traiteur with even more knowledge, time, and most importantly, love.

It’s never a fun thing to have to say that your project is going dark, but this is for the ones we love — and when you make a decision like that, it’s always for the better.

This will be our last dev blog until early 2017. What a weird thing to say! We thank everyone who has been with us since the beginning of the project.

Now, we’ll turn our hearts towards Evangeline, a little game with a big goal: pick up the phone and call someone you care about.

We’ll see you in 2017.




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