Last Week’s Post: What’s in a Name?

Happy Wednesday, as always!

Today, I’ll give you a very small snippet of gameplay.

So small, in fact, that it’s a fantastic little GIF! Here’s Traiteur in motion for the very first time. As always, it’s still a work in progress so lots of things are not final.

traiteur gameplay gif 1

Some fast facts:

  • All of those trees are made by our ASCII artist Angel.
  • The player’s health is represented by the current state of the smiley face! It starts out very happy :D and then moves down the range until it gets to very sad :(
  • Enemy art is still placeholder, but they’ll function similarly.
  • The black box around the player is also temporary!
  • The bouncing projectile is one of our favorite accidents, and we love watching testers use it in creative ways to defeat enemies!
  • The player can unlock additional abilities outside of the normal quick-spam shot that you see on display here.

Traiteur is progressing quickly and we’ll soon have EVEN MORE THINGS to show you! Stay tuned.

If you like what you see, please share this with a friend — it would go a very long way! :)



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