Traiteur Dev Blog #24: A Mental Break

Happy Wednesday as always! Last week, we didn’t have a dev blog update. This week is a little bit of a break, too. We’ve been hard at work on the game and needed a bit of a breather from the Internet after the election. More Traiteur news is coming very,... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #23: The Little Details

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! Our post today relates to something I feel is very important in gaming: the little, minute details. Let’s embark upon a journey of tiny proportions! The little things This morning, I discovered a tweet relating to Dishonored 2... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #22: Building The Future

Happy Wednesday, this time actually on Wednesday! ;) We’ve got another brief update this week about the future and what we’re working towards; next week, we’ll have another more in-depth look at the game. For now, let’s grab marshmallows and... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #20: A Look Back

Welcome back, and happy (belated) Wednesday as always! This week, we’re celebrating a milestone — 20 weeks of dev bloggery! We’ll be looking back at what’s been covered in previous weeks, as well as a sneak peek into what’s ahead.... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #18: Our Plan

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! Today, we’re coming to you with our plan to get Traiteur into your hands on January 20th, 2017. We need your help to do it, too! Here’s the scoop I just finished making an updated production timeline for our team and... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #17: Pushing Forward

Happy Wednesday! This week, we have nothing to say at all. Absolutely nothing. Really? … okay, we have SOMETHING to say. Traiteur is undergoing a change. I talked about this last week – we’re streamlining the game to be more concise and focused. This... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #16: Lean Production

Good morning, and I hope your Wednesday is off to an amazing start! This week we’ll talk about something slightly less exciting but very real in all game development: the reality of production. Strap in! The Best Worst Thing Recently, we had the first... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #14: Our PAX Booth!

Good morning, and happy almost PAX! Today we wanted to give our dev blog followers an exclusive early walk-through of our booth. Except… we aren’t at PAX. We were rejected. We don’t allow anyone to dictate our ability to be successful, though, so we... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #13: A Closer Look

Good morning, and happy Wednesday as always! This week is a short dev blog entry, focusing on a sneak peek at gameplay from an upcoming thing we’re doing! Go go go! We’re very thankful for our dev blog followers, so just for you, you can view the gameplay... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #12: A Thousand Miles

Good morning! I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start! Welcome back to the twelfth (!) edition of the Traiteur Dev Blog! Today, we’ll be discussing how Raconteur works across a thousand miles — and usually more. No falling into the sky Excuse the... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #10: Why We Do This

Happy Wednesday as always, and welcome back to the Traiteur development blog! This week, to celebrate blog #10, we don’t have a formal update on the game or when you can buy it or anything like that. Instead, this week we’ll take a moment to talk about why... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #7: What’s in a Name?

Welcome back to week 7 of the Traiteur dev blog! I originally wanted to show you more of the game in motion this week, but we’re still finalizing some of the prettier things that will make showing it off much more exciting. Instead, this week I want to get a... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #6: The Sound of ASCII

Hi again! Welcome to another edition of the Traiteur development blog, where this week we’ll be talking more about what goes into the development of our little project! This week, we’re breaking our flow a bit to talk with our fantastic sound designer... read more

Traiteur Dev Blog #5: All About Gameplay

Happy Wednesday! If you’ve been following the Traiteur blog since the beginning: welcome! If you’re new: welcome x 2! We’ll have a link at the end for the other posts if you want to keep reading. This week, we’re delving into Traiteur’s... read more